One of the most atmospheric cities of Greece is waiting for you to meet it at any time of the year and if you choose it with its wonderful natural landscape to coexist harmoniously with life in the city. With its wonderful lake whose name is Orestiada, Kastoria gives the impression that it is an island. The area flourished in the past with the fur trade and was a very rich city and this can be seen from the mansions which are maintained in very good condition even today, while it is 2 hours away from the city of Thessaloniki.

Kastoria has to offer you special memories all year round from the winter when the lake freezes until spring and summer when beautiful swans swim in its waters and you enjoy them with a walk on its lakeside promenade. There are many events that take place in the area which attract people. In winter, the famous Ragoutsaria, the most important custom of Kastoria with masquerades, music and dance, gives a liveliness and a special note to its visitors, while the river party on the banks of Aliakmonas brings a lot of people and famous musicians in the summer with the attendees enjoying the performances of their favorite artists in an incredible landscape of natural beauty. Do not forget to visit the dragon cave which was discovered relatively recently and is one of the most modern and impressive caves in the Balkans. For food we unreservedly recommend the "Το Στέκι της παρέας" while it is worth traveling 4 km outside the city where you will find the village Dispilio with the Neolithic Lemna settlement dating to the 6th century BC. and is the oldest in Europe!

Kastoria is a calm force in Greek tourism with the atmosphere, the good food, the mansions and of course the lake making it a perfect escape from the routine of the city.


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